Hide and Seek

By June 16, 2015Featured

After the small talk and breaking the ice with a potential new automotive client, the moment of truth comes in the form of a question. “Where are my customers and how do I get in front of them”? This is usually something that will come out in one form or another once the barriers have been broken and then the $64,000 question is posed. Its a great question and one that is not easily answered…continue

Lets first take a look at the category itself and the behavioral habits of an auto dealer. This is one of the few verticals that actually WANTS to be where their competitors are rather than venture off on their own. Think about it, automotive dealerships all have traditionally been grouped in the same area of a town in a “Strip” inhabited with their direct competitors. They also traditionally could all be found in the back pages of the Saturday or Sunday newspapers. Someone who is not familiar with their business today may question that marketing tactic and would be right to do so. You see, back before their were numerous research based offerings on the web, people would drive to a strip and go dealer to dealer perhaps “Kicking the tires” on their potential new vehicle. In a time when people actually would get ink on their fingers reading a newspaper, they knew that the sports section was the destination for all things auto related. Obviously we now know that the buying habits of a consumer at the bottom of the purchase funnel have completely changed …and in doing so, we have found that dealerships prominently showcased on the busiest of frontage roads in a city or town are actually hiding in plain sight. The reason for this is a dealer in some cases will continue to advertise their offerings the way they always have and in doing so wonder why they are losing share to dealerships that in some cases could be 20-30 miles away. This causes a reaction based approach to their client acquisition strategy where they actively begin seeking out who they THINK their customers may be in places that they probably aren’t. This leaves a once successful dealership scrambling to find some magic bullet(s) to go after the children of their once core customer base and younger, new to market buyers. We believe that while their isn’t one singular formula that works for all of our partners, there is a process that can get them in front of this new and distracted consumer more efficiently.

We like to think of ourselves as the conductor of their marketing eco-system. Simplifying the process of evaluating mediums and vendors and exploiting cost efficiencies to drive down the cost per acquisition for a new customer. To think someone will candidly pay attention to what it is a dealership is offering or saying is simply ludicrous. Instead, lets figure out a way to speak to people when they are in a head space to actually consume and retain the message…Whether its at the gym via a playlist radio format or on line at a bank or supermarket while thumbing through their social media stream we help our dealerships be a contextually targeted disruptor as opposed to a passive participant in the cluttered advertising market place. Traditional media is far from being eulogized but knowing how to use it in the present day landscape is the way to insure that not only can they find their customers, but actually speak to them in a very personalized manner to get them to consider going to the “Strip” and kicking the tires in real life, once again.

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