Hocus Focus

By July 8, 2015Featured

Why are we so distracted?
If you are north of 33 years old you can remember, albeit vaguely, what life was like before the advent of social media and even cell phones. Being in a moment and receptive was a prerequisite back then because there was nothing else to distract you except perhaps a pager or the people around you. Fast forward only 5-10 years and now to get the attention of that very same person requires ninja like precision. This person has literally dozens of distractors vying for their attention. Most marketers could see that as a bad thing, however we think that presents endless possibility and opportunity for our clients. We sound crazy right? Not at all …

In the past, brands would endeavor to tell their whole story at once. Be it a 30 second TV spot or a 60 second radio commercial or a full page print ad. We believe that with media becoming even more fragmented and people’s attention span shrinking by the day, there is a need to tell a little bit of the story at a time. Don’t squeeze in too much, instead just enough…call it sequential storytelling. Many messages over many mediums reaching people in different points of their lives. What is your story? Who are you telling it to? Most importantly, who is helping you tell it best?

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