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By April 18, 2015Featured

If agency life taught me one thing, it’s that things- they are always a’changin. As a former Account Executive for a large agency here in Memphis, I felt that staying abreast of new trends, technologies and techniques as just one of my many responsibilities to my clients. QR codes? Pshh – no one uses those, but hashtags, now those are all the rage. No, you cannot make a viral video – you can produce a spot and hope for the best. And, no, we generally do not feel that the yellow pages are a good use of your advertising dollars. Digital- I got this.

Now, I admittedly am not an avid user of some of the things the “kids these days” are using (um, I think I’ve sent around 10 tweets in my lifetime, and my husband tells me that 8 of those are re-tweets and that those don’t actually count). And I’ve never used an Uber (insert gasp.) However , I felt like I at least knew about the things people are talking about. I was familiar with what pre-roll video is, and I’ve advertised on Facebook. I’ve helped create a few banner ad campaigns and overseen a handful of Google search campaigns. So that basically makes me the queen of digital advertising, right?

It took exactly 7 minutes in one meeting with Dave and Pat to promptly strip me of my title. Viewability? No clue – unless we’re talking about an outdoor board being covered up by trees. Pre-targeting and CRM data matching? Don’t try to woo me with your fancy language sir – because I have no idea what you’re saying. And you’re telling me that ad serving doesn’t mean emailing my ad to the pub? MIND. BLOWN.

Now, I’ll stop right here. I’d like to point out that in my time with Electric Symphony I have discovered that I was not the only AE who wasn’t familiar with these terms/ideas/strategies (thank goodness.) No, it does not mean that you are dumb or slow if you don’t know what these mean and how they work. What it DOES mean is that maybe you aren’t partnering with the right digital team. If no one has brought up the issue of viewability, and that it’s one of the most (maybe THE most?) discussed challenges on the digital front right now, then maybe you need to find someone who WILL talk to you about it.

If you aren’t aware that there is a product out there that will take your CRM list, or your purchased mailing list and literally FIND THOSE PEOPLE by their digital presence to target them (yes, specifically them) with banner ads and pre-roll videos, then you are missing out, my friend. You are in the dark ages just like I was. And you are quite possibly leaving thousands (millions?) of impressions, customers and opportunities on the table.

We all know that the great campaign is the well-rounded campaign. And these days that includes more than just outdoor, print, radio and TV. Social involvement, display ads, video and more should be added to our list of “must haves” for almost any campaign you’re imagining. And the best part is that most of these come to you at pennies on the dollar in comparison to traditional media. TV is expensive or just plain sold out? Why not run your spot on, or the new york times’ website? No one is reading print anymore? You may be right, but they’re still getting their news somewhere – and for a growing majority of folks that somewhere is the internet. The same goes for radio – why not target your audience on the growing markets of Pandora or iheartradio?

My point is, as an AE, I thought I had a great grasp of what makes a good campaign. And, even better, I thought I knew all there was to know about digital. But what I didn’t know was that I DIDN’T KNOW.

So, I’ll ask you – what are you missing out on? And, do you want a digital partner who can help fill in those gaps for you?

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