Our Story

We started with the simple premise that there is a smarter way to advertise.

Why do so many media plans today look right out of the 90’s?  What is the right balance between traditional and digital marketing?  How can marketers make sense of advanced analytics?  These are just some of the questions that drove us to start ESM.

With vast experience in both digital and traditional marketing our core value is helping marketers bridge their current efforts to include emerging media opportunities.  With advancements in technology moving at an ever increasing pace, we help our customers stay ahead of the curve.  However, this is done without losing sight of strategies that have been successful in the past.

When working with us you’ll often here the word balance.  Our advanced analytics dashboards provide us with the insights need to provide the most balanced campaigns.  We optimize campaigns based on data not a guess, this enables our customers to receive the best value at lower costs.  We have many examples of how our approach has delivered incredible results for a our customers.

Our Work


ESM is a valued partner and makes procuring online video inventory a seamless process with deep reporting upon completion. The EMS partnership has opened doors for us in securing convergent media; allowing us to create additional reach and consumer engagement for our clients and another revenue source for our company.

Brenda Bowman- SVP, National Sales CTV Media

Working with ESM has helped us unify all of our marketing, making our budget work harder for us. I really like their hands on approach to our business.

Scott Taylor-General Manager, Carriage House of New London.

The team at ESM really cares and treats my business like its theirs. I love that they always come to me with new and fresh ideas that can help give me a competitive advantage.

Phil Hadfield- General Manager, Courtesy Ford